What is J-Line.org?

What is J-Line.org?

J-Line is a network of thousands of like-minded people that truly care about others. We are a company of people who offer their resources and experience to help others achieve greatness in every part of life. We believe everyone has a desire to become someone great, or DO something great in life. Discovering our “Greatness” can be the journey of a life-time or perhaps take a life-time to discover. Our J-Line “Agents” are those, within our network, who participate in leading others toward becoming the best version of themselves. Of course, this may look very different for each person and the strategies may vary depending on the life-stage or circumstances, but we usually focus on a few things. These include excellence in areas of Life, Health, and Business!

How Does It Work?

“The J-Line Experience for Maximizing Potential” is our Life, Health & Business Coaching. This is our 7 Step System that we’ve created for people that are ready to breakthrough the status quo and achieve something extraordinary with their lives within the next 12-18 months.

Our coaching provides support for people to achieve “greatness” in every part of life so they can experience life at its fullest. Whatever “greatness” is to people in their current season, we believe that it can be achieved through inviting powerful leadership into our lives to help coach us toward realizing our greatness.

This begins with a 90 minute Lifestyle Strategy Session ($197 value) with one of our Certified Agents to help discover your “WHY”.

To schedule a strategy session, attend one of our many J-Line Events, held online, at one of our house parties, day events, weekend retreats, or seminars. You can also meet with us one on one via online video call by simply reaching out to us on our FACEBOOK page.

What Does It Cost?

We have coaching packages that range from $297 to $3,997 and are 90 days to 18 months of coaching towards greatness. Learn More about our coaching packages. We are most excited about how we are able to help people save and earn money through our Membership Savings Program that costs less than $18 a month for a 10 year membership.

What’s The Difference Between The “Network” and an “Agent”?

Our certified “J-Line Agents” help lead others to explore ways to move towards a better, more excellent way of life. We teach and equip people how to better attract health & wealth to their lives. Primarily, we connect others with our business partners to help them discover ways to decrease expenses while increasing income without spending a ton of extra time.

People within “The J-Line Network” have products and/or services that they are willing to offer at a discounted rate for those connected with the network. An Agent is someone that has completed our coaching experience and is part of our National J-Line Team. This means they are connected to amazing resources and benefits within our Membership Savings Program. Learn More about the National J-Line Team and its over 72,000 partners.

What About You?

Are you ready to begin your journey toward greatness? We are looking forward to helping more and more people as we focus on growing our team of people that truly have a passion to help others while allowing others to help them at the same time. Visit J-Line.org today to learn more about becoming part of a network of people that are truly helping others to achieve greatness in every part of life…

Want to Help Others?

Give online to support others that are going through the coaching experience today.

Thanks for taking time to learn more about J-Line.org

Brian & Amber Baldwin – Lead J-Line Agents

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