How To Save Money on Gasoline is a network of people who use their resources and experience to help others achieve greatness in every part of life. Helping you to save money on everyday purchases is just one of the ways we can offer support. Before you think that you know how this works and decide to not take time to read this…please understand that this is a way to never pay full price and save $500 to $1000 per year on gas for your car…

Simply find a fuel point/rewards program at your local supermarket. Most of these programs allow you to purchase groceries and gift cards in exchange for points that will convert to savings at their gas stations. Usually, there is $0.10 cents off per gallon for every 100 points you earn. The max at our supermarket is $1 off 35 gallons. That’s $35 of free gas. You can either bring 2 vehicles or a few gas cans.

So, if $1 spent earns 1 fuel point and $100 spent is $0.10 cents off on up to 35 gallons…You may be thinking that it will take a whole lot of time and money to earn that many points, but wait there’s more to it. Purchasing gift cards can earn double points and during special promos, you can even earn 4 times the points. In that case, $25 is $0.10 cents off and $250 is $1 off. Purchasing gift cards for restaurants, airline tickets, uber rides, clothing stores, auto parts, hardware stores, amazon, and more can earn you a bunch of points really fast. The main thing is to shop the gift cards and plan ahead for purchases that you will be making. It’s a great way to take control of your budget or even be ready for those last minute birthday gifts.

It even gets better when you can purchase gasoline gift cards as well. This is the way that we use the gas cards. We purchase gas cards and go to that station and get 3 cents off there until we earn enough points for our dollar off. So, let’s get started saving money on gasoline today. BUT WAIT THERE’S EVEN MORE!

Our National J-Line Team is helping people save money on more than just these things. Consider allowing one of our J-Line Agents connect with you to help you save even more money. J-Line offers a membership to save on everyday purchases as well as rebates on online purchases. We have many local businesses that give discounts, connections to factory direct pricing that allows us to only pay 30 cents on the dollar for furniture, flooring, jewelry, or even huge savings on buying a new or used vehicle. Members receive discounts on cell phone bills, home/auto insurances, car rentals, and a bunch more…Feel free to check out some of our online partners at where we can help you receive rebates online at places where you are probably already shopping. Read More…

Now Go Buy Some Gift Cards Start Shopping Online Below:

Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, Starbucks, Target

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